Amli SSP

Access global premium advertisers direct or though our DSP Exchanches.

Programmatic Selling platform

If you are managing applications and sites directly or you have full control on serving ad on Applications or sites then amli ssp platform is perfect match for you. Reach world-wide campaigns through all premium advertisers and our dsp channels with multiple integration options without any hesitation.

Why you should considerAmli SSP?

Ad Formats & Pro- Dashboard

Amli supports Banner, Video, Native for In-App, Mobile-Web and Desktop & CTV. Self-Serve dashboard. Access real time bidding data, block-allow, setup various rules like minimum price based on country, platform, ad size and many more.

Team & Quick Support

We are available 24x7 & providing Individual POC to handle and optimize account. Resolve queries within 30 minutes in any time-zone availability.


Know details in real time. Access high-quality premium campaigns directly or programmatically. Details reports of your Request, Response, Impressions in minute, hours and day wise data.


On Time payment followed by Non-disclosure-agreement. Initiate Payment and track status in Dashboard. if you are Established in India then proper GST followed with current rate conversion transfer from dollar to INR directly to your bank account.


Deep learning algorithms to ensure Best CPM match for the ad request

Fraud prevention

Serve our campaigns with confidence. Amli pre validate each campaigns manually and programmatically to detect any redirect and spams. After successful validations only amli send bid ad response.
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