Publishers Monetization

Monetize Android, iOS, Mobile Web, Desktop and CTV apps on Amli ad platform.

Highest earning monetization solutions for publishers.

Do you have applications or sites and want to monetize? If yes, then Amli Ad Platform is a right place to grow your earnings. Simple integration with multiple ad formats. We build trust and transparency with Publishers by providing them real time access to their data, Don't worry about unnecessary deductions and receive your earnings what you deserve by knowing granular details about your app or site inventory. For small Publishers having low audiences, Amli Data Science algorithms not only increase your profit  but also help in every aspect to grow your audience or users by promoting your apps or sites.

Ad Formats

Amli supports Banner, Video, Native for In-App, Mobile-Web and Desktop with high fill.

Simple Integration
and Support

We are available 24x7 & providing Individual POC to handle and optimize account.

Ad Creatives

We Serve only Secure ads, from premium advertisers and multiple DSP channels


Why to wait more? Amli offers Net 30 pay terms with minimum payout $30.Publishers are receiving there payment on 1st day of each months, with amli automated billing system.


Deep learning algorithms to ensure Best CPM match for the ad request

& Dashboard

Self serve Dashboard. Real time report access, downloads, billing access any many more
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