Amli DSP

Become a partner and access global premium publishers direct or though Exchanges.

Programmatic buying platform

If you want to buy In-APP, mobile web, desktop and CTV traffic? then amli dsp platform is a perfect match for you. We have established this platform with some policies. Quality and transparencies on various aspects are one of them. We are not in the list of platforms of fake promises. Amli Means 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Try once and compare your data with others, you will never regret by using this platform. After all we keep our full dedication on building and keep improving our products. So, Reach world-wide audiences through all premium apps and sites registered on Amli Platform directly or through premium programmatic supply exchanges with multiple integration options without any hesitation.

Why you should considerAmli DSP?

Ad Formats & Pro- Dashboard

Amli supports Banner, Video, Native for In-App, Mobile-Web and Desktop & CTV. Amli Dashboard is self-managed.Access real time bidding data, block-allow, setup various rules like bid floor based on country, platform, ad size and many more.

Team & Quick Support

We are available 24x7 & provide Individual POC to handle and optimize accounts. Resolve queries within 30 minutes in any time-zone availability.


Know exactly what's happening with your campaign. Whether through Private Marketplace or Open Exchange, we offer measurable, brand-safe and transparent environments. Access high-quality premium supply programmatically to run effective campaigns that yield real ROI. Amli follows the supply chain, sellers.json and and ads.txt. We only allow pre approval apps sites on amli platform with proper sellers details available in publishers domain.


Zero targeting error, we use multiple tracking solutions, to validate ad requests and amli bid request only reach to you after successful validation.


Amli connected with Top Global Publishers directly or through multiple Supply channels with 2 billion+ Traffic per day. We allow and categorise any app or sites with manual validations before serving any ads.

Ad Traffic

Amli sends bid requests based on gross ECPM and win rate. Data algorithms learn your bidding behaviour based on various target combinations. If you have no bid, then Amli gradually decreases sending bid requests to your platform. It will auto up within 5 minutes, when you start bidding for particular combinations. So no unnecessary QPS to DSP exchanges. We maintain a minimum 50% win rate for our DSP integrated partners.


Amli tracks only valid bid impressions, clicks and conversions by validating request data and tracking data like app package, domain, ip, geo data and device details. Amli only count tracking beacons based on valid data.

Ad view-ability

We measure ad view-ability and capable of tracking with 0% error. Amli track ad placement, user engagement and pixel density available on screen.

Fraud prevention

Bid with confidence. Amli Pre Block invalid traffic and multiple validation while counting impression, click or conversion. We validate actual applications/ site domain, User's device and locations, with proper ad view-ability tracking. Amli Filter and block 500 million+ IP's belong to Data centres, Public proxies, VPN, TOR, NOR within 2 milliseconds which are best in the market. Amli Deep learning algorithms track FAKE users and pre block before serving any campaigns creatives. Our system auto-block fraudster in real time.
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