Reach global audiences through Android, iOS, Mobile Web, Desktop and CTV.

Amli provides advanced targeting and deep learning algorithms, for optimisation of a campaign.

Advertisers can choose from a variety of ad formats to engage with users. Targeting options that is designed for small brands and business to reach audiences in their local areas like latitude and longitude with radius in meters, zip, ip and city with zero targeting error.

Ad Formats

Multiple ad formats & platform supports like Banner, Video, Native for In-App, Mobile-Web, Desktop & CTV

Deep Learning
performance optimisation

Set up your campaign and set budget and rest take care by Amli platform itself. Simple platform, that will give you confidence not confusion while setup and managing your campaigns from scratch.

& Dashboard

Self serve Dashboard. Real time report access, downloads, with granular and deep data to understand your budget spent

Quality Guarantee

Spend your budget with confidence - Amli Pre Block invalid traffic and multiple validation while counting impression, click or conversion. We validate actual applications/ site domain, User's device and locations, with proper ad view-ability tracking. Amli Filter and block 500 million+ IP's belongs to Data centres, Public proxies, VPN , TOR, NOR within 2 milliseconds which are best in the market. Amli Deep learning algorithms track FAKE user and pre block before serving any campaigns creatives.

& Trust

Know exactly what's happening with your campaign. Whether through Private Marketplace or Open Exchange, we offer measurable, brand-safe and transparent environment. Access high-quality premium supply programmatically to run effective campaigns that yield real ROI.

Publishers Traffic

Amli connected with Top Global Publishers directly or through multiple Supply channels with 2 billion+ Traffic per day. We allow and categorise any app or sites with manual validations before serving any ads.
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